How to keep the 18650 batteries for a long life and maintain capacity rating

Nowadays, there is a majority of 18650 batteries’ types, this is the reason why consumers usually feel confused when they want to buy and do not know what is the difference between them.

8650 batteriesIn fact, the 18650 battery is a type of the lithium powered battery which is added lithium ion phosphate by 1996, therefore, it has another name is a li-ion battery. Do you know that the 18650 battery has multiple functions with a lower cost than others?

Therefore, it is one of the most popular batteries in the market. In addition, you can find it in many devices, for example, flashlights, digital cameras, laptops, portable radios and so on with many sizes which come from 18mm to 65mm. Moreover, in comparison to other batteries, the 18650 battery’s life is longer owing to the iron phosphate, which was developed by MIT researcher Yet-Ming Chiang, has enhanced the battery’s performance, power and extended its life. However, if you do not keep it in a right way, no matter how long its life can be, it will go dead quickly.

In order to help you deal with this problem, in this article, we will give you some tips below to keep the 18650 battery for a long life and maintain capacity rating:

General tips

  1. Staying cool: the most suitable temperatures to store li-on batteries are come from 50 to 95 degree Fahrenheit, therefore, to keep them long life, you should avoid to put them on a hot surface, contact to sunlight and so on.
  2. Do not plug in the 18650 batteries so long: if you do not notice and do not unplug them when they are full, it will make your battery’s temperature higher and reduce their longevity.
  3. Never let them run out of power reserve frequently: Image that you are work hard for a long time and now you are exhausted, what will happen? You will feel tired and easy to get an illness. The 18650 batteries are similar to you, they will go dead if they do not have any power regularly. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your batteries, to make sure you will unplug on time.

Specific tips for laptop

Besides three general tips above, we will give you some specific tips for laptop’s 18650 batteries to maximize their longevity:

  1. Do not get too attached: you should plug in your laptop until it is full of power for the first time. Then, you should keep your laptop from 40 to 80 percent, however, you should charge it fully at least once a month.
  2. When you go out and leave it at home, you should shut it down, not sleep, because when your laptop sleep, it also waste power and if you do not notice, it will run out of power reserve.
  3. Do not put your laptop on a couch, a blanket or anything make its temperature higher. It will lead to your 18650 batteries’ longevity reduction.
  4. Updating your laptop’s software: do you know that most computer companies have tried to prolong battery life by updating software. Therefore, you should update the latest software for your laptop to make sure that your battery has the best thing.
  5. If your laptop battery has been working hard, you can remove it from the laptop and plug your laptop in directly, however, you need to make sure that your supply of electricity is stable to avoid the case the electricity is cut off when you are using, it is not good for your laptop.
  6. Remember that you should reduce the screen’s brightness, turn off some hardware such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and so on to save its power.

There are a diversity of tips we should remember to make the 18650 batteries “live” longer and maintain its capacity rating, especially when they are used for laptops.

When buying, you should buy the batteries from famous and prestige companies, because their quality is better than unknown brands. Moreover, you should ask your friends or others who have much knowledge and experience about the 18650 batteries, they will give you more detailed advice to buy the good ones and keep them long-lasting.